Research Projects

  • Long-term dynamics of tree mortality and plant diversity in a Pacific montane rainforest at different scales
    This project evaluates the causes and effects of a landscape-level canopy tree decline on the Big Island of Hawaii, referred to as the ‘ohi‘a dieback.
    Led by: Dieter Mueller-Dombois (+), Hans Juergen Boehmer
    Team: James D Jacobi, Grant C Gerrish, Helene H Wagner, Vanessa Minden, Linda Mertelmeyer, Kevin W Brinck
    Year: 1976
    Duration: 1976-ongoing
    Forest dieback on the big island of Hawaii Forest dieback on the big island of Hawaii
  • Long-term dynamics and connectivity of calcareous grasslands in Central Europe
    Calcareous grasslands are home to the greatest diversity of plant and invertebrate species in central Europe, but these habitats are disappearing. An ecological connectivity network was established in the land district of Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen (Bavaria, Germany) in 1990 to reconnect remnant calcareous grassland patches with existing animal-grazed pastures. This project evaluates the potential for this connectivity network to support the movement of plant and invertebrate species throughout remnant calcareous grassland patches and ameliorate species loss in these communities.
    Led by: Hans Juergen Boehmer, Helene H Wagner
    Team: Helene H Wagner, Yessica Rico Mancebo del Castillo, Michelle F Dileo, Henry Lehnert, Bernd Raab
    Year: 1989
    Duration: 1989-ongoing
    Calcareous grasslands in Germany Calcareous grasslands in Germany
  • Structure and dynamics of a tropical oceanic island rainforest under impact of invasive alien ivory cane palm (Pinanga coronata)
    Invasion by non-indigenous species—referred to as biological invasions — can fundamentally change indigenous ecosystems by outcompeting native species. Tropical oceanic islands are particularly susceptible to such invasions. This project evaluates a new invasion process by ivory cane palm (Pinanga coronata) in the rainforests and mahogany plantations of Fiji.
    Led by: Hans Juergen Boehmer
    Year: 2015
    Duration: September 2015 - ongoing
    Pinanga plants Pinanga plants