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What's Geobotany?

Valdivian rain forest, Chile 2010

 At first have a look into an information movie made by the Landeshauptstadt Hannover:


As an ecological discipline, geobotany nowadays belongs to the expanding life sciences that is not only enjoying a steadily growing public interest, but is also gaining more and more attractiveness as a subject of university study.

This development is associated with a generally increased interest in the sub-subjects concerned with biology and landscape ecology. In this regard, the sociopolitical developments in the past have surely contributed to focusing on the special significance of ecosystem research as an essential foundation for planning and management, in the sense of an effective environmental protection policy. Whether it is in the field of climate or environmental research, or biodiversity and landscape preservation, professionally employed geobotanists make an important contribution to the development and solution of future tasks everywhere.

Geobotany focusses on five main issues: